What You Need Before You Start

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You will need some information to get through the interview. Some of it is basic, like your name, and the county where you live. Some of it may be harder to find, like income and assets (what you own).

Make sure you have this information before you start:

  1. Your name, address and county you live in
  2. The name of the person, business or organization causing your legal problem

    Individuals with disability legal problems can ignore #3, #4 and #5.

  3. The sources of all your total household income, and the amount your household gets each month from each source (household income means income from you and anyone else who lives in your household)
  4. The amount of money in all your bank / retirement accounts
  5. The estimated value of valuable things you own (cars, real estate, jewelry, other valuable property), after you subtract loans on them

You will also need to briefly describe your legal problem.